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Request Credit bureau information free of charge and have incorrect entries deleted

The Protection Association for General Loan Protection sees itself as a collection point for data that is passed on to you by its contractual partners. Banks, mail order, department stores, telecommunications companies and car dealerships are among them. You have the option of receiving so-called A information as well as B information about a consumer. […]

Credit and loan – how do they differ?

  What is the difference between a credit and a loan? Granting conditions, average cost, repayment length, and credit standing and credit history requirements. It is easier to get a loan for any purpose, but the loan can be cheaper.   What is a credit? What is a loan? The main difference To know the […]

What are student loans?

A student loan is a product unrelated to the preferential loan granted on the terms established by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Student loans have a low interest rate and may be partially canceled. These features do not have a student loan.   Student loan – features and rules of awarding A student […]

Reconfiguration of loan repayment rules

In some cases, paying off too much credit is really burdensome for your household budget. For this reason, you need to think about how you can deal with such activities much more effectively. In this situation, you can ask the bank to change the loan repayment rules or use a consolidation loan.   Changes in […]

Away with credit card

Spring or summer trip is a time of rest. No rush, no stress and no … cash in your wallet. Why? Traveling with a wallet filled with coins or banknotes can sometimes do more harm than good. That is why, when planning your upcoming trips, you should consider using a credit card Gain convenience and […]

Is a loan in 15 minutes on your account fictitious?

Fast loans online are becoming more and more popular. More and more people are realizing that using such a solution is not a shame, but only help in conscious management of the household budget. In life, there are many unforeseen situations in which we need cash in the shortest possible time. The family cannot always […]

Money loan agreement – types, what should it look like?

A money loan agreement is one thing that transfers the ownership of another set amount of money to be repaid in a given manner and time. For its effective conclusion, only a consistent statement by both parties is needed, sometimes even oral. The loan agreement is one of the most popular and simple procedures classified […]